Woven into every marketing program, value proposition and customer touchpoint is your brand. How is it performing?

A brand is a person’s perception. Of course, it makes marketers nervous to think that marketing is out of their control, but that’s why the discipline of branding has emerged.

Marty Neumeier, The Brand Gap

Your Brand Is More than Your Logo

A reputation. A promise. A tribe. Your brand is so much more than a wordmark or illustration conveying your name. At first, it’s a gut feeling formed before thoughts or opinions: Is this me? Do I believe this? Do I want this? Then, it’s a belief that grows stronger with each interaction: This is my tribe. I know this. I love this.

Whether you’re selling bourbon, or biomedical devices, or big data (we’ve done all three), the subliminal impact your brand makes in nanoseconds can make or break you, regardless of the merits of your product or service.

How is your brand performing? Is it telegraphing your wonderful, unique qualities well before a value proposition is made? Is it at least keeping pace with your growing business as it evolves? Or is outdated, misleading, or uncertain?

We help smart, successful organizations grow faster by uncovering their unique brand strengths, and amplifying them through authentic stories and compelling programs.



Interview stakeholders. Assess community perception. Research competition.


Share findings. Clarify brand qualities. Define the core promise. Write a brief. Build consensus.


Ideate. Select typefaces and colors. Present concepts. Revise. Approval of final concept.


Present final versions and applications. Develop style guide. Present to community.

It’s always such a pleasure to work with the Partners team. The entire team is easy to work with and makes the entire process seamless and enjoyable. I am especially appreciative of Jamie – his expertise in the field is invaluable. Thank you!”

– Stephanie Pittman, eLearning Sales & Marketing Manager, Velociteach