With Digital Marketing, customer insights and business intelligence are everywhere. Are you leveraging them?

It’s Our Business to Know Why

Whether we’re increasing conversion rates, improving lead quality, or understanding customer behavior, Analytics provides us with a wealth of data to make informed decisions and improve campaign performance. That’s why we spend time every day poring over data in Google Analytics and other software.

In a typical Digital Marketing program—let’s say a Paid Search Advertising campaign—we know how many times your ads were seen and clicked. We know the keyword used to trigger the ad, as well as the location, device, browser, age, and gender of the person who saw the ad. Once they reach your site, we know what pages they visited, how long they spent on each page, and what actions they took. We can associate visitors who became customers with the specific ads and pages they visited to improve the performance of your marketing programs through iterative improvement.

Find out what insights and intelligence you could be leveraging through Analytics.

Find out why?
Assess user behavior
Identify conversion funnel leaks
Identify Sales Opportunities
Call Analysis
Improve Engagement Rates
Drive Revenue
Optimize eCom
Split Testing
Form Analytics
Real Time Session Recordings

Stop the Leaks in Your Conversion Funnel

Do you know where your marketing dollars are being wasted? What if you could use that money to make a new hire or reinvest it into proven marketing programs? With Analytics, there’s very little left to guesswork. When a campaign isn’t successful, we can quickly assess why using Analytics.